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Established in 1997 McCann Worldgroup is the parent company of eight businesses, including the well-known, global advertising agency McCann Erickson — in turn well known for acquiring Sterling Cooper in 1963 — and brand agency Futurebrand. McCann Worldgroup is owned by giant Interpublic Group. At the beginning of the year McCann Worldgroup announced the launch of a new identity, designed by Futurebrand, and it has been gradually rolling out this year.

mccann_wg_logo       mccan_wg_reception

Anything that rids the world of logos with lame dots gets my compliments. To different extents, of course. This new flexible identity for McCann is decent in concept — using the “M” and “W”, which are visually opposites, to show other opposites like water and fire, spring and fall, bees and flowers, etc. — but the execution is very amateurish. Other than the fire and water iteration, all versions look like first rounds of Illustrator and Photoshop work and there is no real consistency or enough inconsistency to make the whole better than the parts. Perhaps hiring a single illustrator that could bring all these concepts to life would have been a more interesting approach. It also feels a bit too playful and naive for such a serious network of agencies. But, again, no more dots….

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