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Task: create a unique brand for a new quest room specializing in rooms with cinema’s theme  

We identify factors that are important for our TA and include them in logo and stationery. By using factor analysis we arrange the most influential one:

  • trendy and funny
  • cinema symbols
  • intellectual quiz in logo

We take a “Baron” font because of two reasons:

a)it is extremely popular nowadays

b) it is a kind of puzzle himself (it’s letters are unique and need time to consider what it is) than we add traditional symbols of cinema industry (Oskar, film tapes) and combine it with quest symbol – the door well. After we transformed the rest of the letters, the logo became more abstract and less recognizable.

To make it funny and street-arty we add grunge color scheme and turn it in 30 percent angle. For the stationary, we use craft paper and  two main colors: golden(because of Oskar’s theme) and red (as the most active and red carpet’s color).

The result:








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