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Task: as a part of marketing outsourcing services we were responsible for all the digital sales of tickets during the Odessa-tour (3 months)

Our plan was:

  • provide the maximum awareness of TA about the Kobzov on the first month of the tour
  • create measures that could both optimize the campaign and provide the statistics
  • maximize the number of tickets sold online

So we create 15 variations of one landing pages (with different structure, copyrights, design, video, etc) to provide proper a/b testing, 60 banners of different types (video ads, banners for smartphones and PC’s), digital campaigns including but not limited by adwords, direct, smm campaigning add call-tracking technology to gather feedback and remastered google analytics to evaluate conversions on different levels of purchase funnel.

The campaigning include:

  • smm campaigning to gather proper TA (gender, age, social social status, place of living, kids, etc) and audience from popular groups
  • remarketing campaigns in order to optimize the cost of campaigning (the cost of adwords campaign is lower than the FB or VK’s)
  • remarketing for those who didn’t buy the tickets, showing them different banners, promo videos and landing pages
  • context campaign including different factors: themes TA is interested in, websites, devices
  • campaigning on Youtube

The results:kobzov_datum






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