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The idea was born during the protests in Turkey in 2013. Government tried to limit protesters communications by media censorship, but people could spread the word using social networks and online messengers.

That’s when our client, Baris Sarer, came up with the idea of VivaHiba — free non-censored social news site, that will allow people to spread important news freely and promptly.

All the development was made by our partner team — Gearheart.


On Vivahiba, people can post news under different categories. Popular authors can start their own columns to discuss specific topics. Site is fully responsive and is available on mobile devices. Also, there is an iOS application.



One of the most ridiculous examples of censorship during protests happened on 2 of June in 2013. Police brutally crushed an environmental activist sit-in at the Gezi Park. Instead of covering this event in the news, CNN Turk chose to show the documentary on penguins. While CNN International did show protest. VivaHiba’s mission is to protect freedom of speech and let people spread the word.






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