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Introduction with an insight

Pretty much, this app is about sharing contacts and solving problems. You can imagine any of these scenarios:

  1. It’s morning and your pipe get wet, you don’t know where the water leakage is, but you really do know that plumber wouldn’t come in an hour or two and perhaps, he wouldn’t come at all (we know our service).
  2. Your/your family flight is canceled, you are in Barcelona at list for a day or two (perhaps definitely, the best city in the world) and you need a russian Ukrainian speaking guide.
  3. Any specific business need (accountant, conferencier, blow pipes, specialist in Mandolina’s music of the XVI century)

So you just asking this app  and get an answer immediately cause your friends/friends of your friends/founding members have already shared the contacts.

Our task was to create 3 landing pages, that demonstrate the idea of the app.








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